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Events // Happening 07.25.18 @ 12:00pm

Ribfest at KDays

At the Re/Max Ribfest, you’ll experience a whole other side of the delicious KDays food! Some of the best meat in town will be at this event, and so will our beer! We will be there serving our brews starting July 25, and what better way to enjoy your delicious meat than with our beer […]

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News // Posted 07.03.18 @ 1:27pm

Aprikat Now Served at all Boston Pizza’s Across Alberta!

Their craft beer menu is growing and we couldn’t be happier. Our beloved Aprikat has been freshly picked, and now served at all Boston Pizza’s across Alberta. Find your nearest location now at  #drinklocal #craftbeer #bostonpizza #abbeer #apricotale  

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We're all here for the beer.

Alley Kat is a team of people passionate about beer. It’s what we have in common. Beer isn’t a widget and it shouldn’t be made in a factory. We believe the best beers come from the hands of people who care about their craft, who understand the subtleties of ingredients, and who want to make each batch the best it can be.

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