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Events // Happening 07.31.15 @ 5:00pm

Beer Revolution Cask Night

If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear it? We have no idea, but you should definitely check out this month’s cask at Beer Revolution.¬†Slightly lemony in flavor, spruce tips will add a zing to our hoppy old friend Full Moon IPA. Come on down to grab a pint of this lively cask.

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Tomorrow is double cask day! the brewery has Scona Dole'd for growlers and @RevolutionYEG has Spruce Almighty Full Moon tapped at 6pm!

We're all here for the beer.

Alley Kat is a team of people passionate about beer. It’s what we have in common. Beer isn’t a widget and it shouldn’t be made in a factory. We believe the best beers come from the hands of people who care about their craft, who understand the subtleties of ingredients, and who want to make each batch the best it can be.

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