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Our Story

Adventure awaits with the Kats of Alley Kat Brewing Company! Our team is a fun-loving crew, always up for a good time and eager to share our love for premium-quality beer. We work hard and play harder, with a passion for brewing that sets us apart.


At Alley Kat, we believe that the best beer comes from the hands of those who care about their craft. That's why we use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and pay careful attention to every batch we brew. But for us, it's not just about the beer – it's about the people and initiatives we support, the environment we pull resources from, and the team that makes up who we are.


Our journey began in 1993, when three home brewers dared to dream of creating a brewery that would change the game. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, Alley Kat Brewing Company was born in 1995. From day one, our vision has been to brew flavourful, high-quality beer using local ingredients.


Over the years, we've grown and evolved with the times, but our passion for brewing has never wavered. In 2020, our original founder, Neil Herbst, passed the Alley Kat torch to current owner, Cameron French; to ensure Edmonton’s oldest craft brewery remained locally and independently owned.


Since the transition, we’ve had some changes in look and beer but the passion remains. Cameron, and our team has a great love for our community and the outdoors, and this is emphasized through all of our partnerships, charity pairings and label designs. As we look ahead we remain committed to being a fresh and innovative force in the industry. We're excited to explore new markets across Alberta and beyond, all while staying true to our roots as a local and independent brewery.


Come join us for a pint and let's raise a glass to good times and great beer.




- The Kats

The Kats

Cameron French
Owner Operator
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