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News // Posted 04.20.18 @ 2:14pm

Scona Gold Earns Award for Patio Beer of the Year

This year at the inaugural Alberta Small Brewer Awards in Calgary, our Scona Gold Kolsch took home bronze in the Patio Beer of the year category.

This light German style ale is a delightfully crisp and refreshing beer. Whether you are new to craft beer or a seasoned veteran, this simple yet flavourful ale is sure to please. We like to say that it’s the gateway beer to craft 😉

Scona Gold was one of our early brews. Kölsch is a straw-coloured barley ale originally only brewed in Cologne Germany. We have to tell you: this brew isn’t as hoppy as an IPA, but the crisp subtle tastes result in an ale that would make any Kölner proud.

So next time you’re on a patio and looking for a refreshing quality beer, go for a Gold. Our Scona Gold.


The Kats

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