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Team Building Gets A Splash Of Fun With danfoss 90 Series Hydraulic Pump

Team building gets a splash of fun with naperville kayak

When you think about team building, the first thing that comes to mind is probably paintball. And while paintball can be a great way for your team to bond, it’s also something that can create some serious injuries. So if you want to build teamwork skills in a way that’s safe and fun, then we recommend getting out on the water with Naperville Kayak. We offer group paddling trips for businesses and organizations looking to get their employees in touch with their surroundings while improving communication skills and team dynamics.

Our paddling trips are great opportunities for people who work together but don’t often interact outside of the office setting — such as sales teams or executives — because they allow participants to be more relaxed around one another than they would be in other settings such as conference rooms or boardrooms.

Team building fun on the fox river in naperville

From ropes courses to water slides, there are lots of ways to get your team together for a day of team building fun. For some, it's about getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. For others, it's about mixing in a little competition and challenge. But for many, it just makes sense to take advantage of what nature has already provided.

That's why we chose to host our company outing at Danfoss 90 Series Hydraulic Pump in Naperville. Not only does this facility have plenty of room for our group to spread out, but it also has plenty of things to do that can be enjoyed by all ages!

The day began with lunch at a nearby restaurant and ended with dinner at another favorite spot. In between, we had plenty of time to enjoy the fun activities offered by Danfoss 90 Series Hydraulic Pump:

Team Building Activities : This was our primary activity for the day. We divided into groups based on who works together on a regular basis so we could all start off as strangers. Then we headed out into the woods armed with only a map and some clues written on pieces of paper — no cell phones allowed! Our objective was simple: Find the other teams and make friends along the way!

The fox river offers a great natural resource for team builders in the chicago area

The Fox River is a great natural resource for team builders in the Chicago area. It offers a unique opportunity for team building activities that can be done both indoors and outdoors.

As an example of what we do, one of our most popular activities is to go out on a pontoon boat and use a set of danfoss hydraulic pumps to raise and lower the anchor. We have found that this activity works best when done at night, so you can see the lights of downtown Chicago while you are floating down the river.

The danfoss 90 series hydraulic pump was designed with these kinds of activities in mind. It has two output ports, so you can connect two devices at once. The pump is capable of providing up to 1500PSI which means it can handle almost any job including some very heavy duty ones such as lifting an anchor out of the water or even moving large rocks around! The pump has an easy to use interface with buttons for on/off/reverse and speed control (can be set from slow to fast).


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