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How To Use Laser Level For Pool

There are loads of projects you can attempt once you have laser level in a hand. Many people search for contractor laser level as they like to plan big things in their home. If you are planning to use a laser level in your home for installing a pool, then here we are with the complete guide.

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## STEP 1:

Before you make any move, ensure that your site is already prepared, or you have a location in mind. Marks the points from where you want to start the pool, marks the starting and ending point to avoid any sort of confusion at the time of installing the pool. Remove all the grass from the ground by shovel.

## STEP 2:

Now you have to establish the site that can rotate in a clockwise manner with a center pin. You can choose a tent stake as a tool to prepare one point to the end. Note the measurements and drill the hole of the same size. You can adjust the size and hole according to the area the pool is covering. It would be great if you will prepare the plan on paper first and work accordingly.

## STEP 3:

Set up your laser level on a tripod stand and give it a minute to self-level. Once your laser level is all set to work, move the detector, as soon as you find the beep, it means you have found your ground level. Mark the point or keep the laser level at the same place to avoid any sort of disturbance while installing a pool above ground.

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## STEP 4:

You can repeat the process to find as many reference points as you want until you have enough to fill the whole area with ease. Now set the stake and level the arm in a way that it can rotate to 360 degrees. It’s a rotation point, keeps the washer and in the middle of the arm fixed the level. Use electrical tape.

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## STEP 5:

Now start moving the arm; it will fix any inconsistency in between. Once you are satisfied with the ground leveling, spread a ground cloth, and spread the pool. Eliminate the wrinkles out of it and complete the fittings. Once you start filling the water inside the pool, it will give you a good picture of how to level your pool above the ground. There are lots of methods for leveling before installation, but it would be best if you use a laser level.

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Creating a pool above the ground is not a big deal, but when you are doing it by yourself without the help of any professional, then this can be a big achievement. In this case, use a laser level, and you will see accurate results in the end.


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