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Rules for Participation in the Dissertation Defense Procedure

The performance of scientific work assumes that the author is striving for a specific goal - not just to solve an urgent problem, but also to do it in a rational, efficient and previously unused way. The zeal for innovation should not go “unpunished” or “ungrateful”. With a high - quality dissertation and successful defense, the performer can be awarded the degree of "candidate of science", which will not only increase his reputation in the eyes of like-minded people and the scientific community, but also open up a number of additional opportunities.

There are at least three parties present at the dissertation defense: directly the author of the scientific work, the attestation commission represented by the Dissertation Council, as well as independent experts - official opponents. Each of them emphasizes their own position regarding the quality and ideological nature of the project, the skill of the performer.

Official opponent: who is it, rules of participation

In order to adequately present a scientific work and objectively evaluate its quality, the applicant for a scientific degree is obliged to provide a special opinion of third-party experts for review by the commission. Among them are opponents - competent persons who are able to assess the quality of the project and give an objective assessment of the work done by the author.

Who takes part in the defense of the dissertation?

Not everyone can become an official opponent. Certain requirements are put forward for the candidacy of such an important expert:

  • He must have the proper knowledge and skills, and it is important to confirm their presence officially: a specialized higher education is required within the framework of the applicant's training area;

  • It is necessary to have a scientific degree and significant achievements in the scientific field: writing scientific papers, developments, availability of relevant publications, etc.

The control function falls on the shoulders of the official opponent, since he does not take any part in the life of the applicant when conducting research and writing a dissertation. He only studies the already prepared material, evaluates it according to all the parameters that are feasible and obligatory for him, and gives his assessment of the quality of the study.

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