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Brawl Buster Is Now Open Beta




, and it seems pretty sweet. Basically, this works by detecting the skeleton of the character you're playing, and computing an invisible z-index. The game is technically played like a shooter. However, there's no shooting, and only one player can be the avatar and the spectator can select one of their minions to control the other avatar. The only thing players can aim for are the two empty spots on the stage. As soon as an avatar ends up in one of those spots, it gets removed from the stage and the player loses the round. The losers of the previous round go to the back of the stage, and the winners are on the front. Once the game starts, players are given 10 seconds to plan out how to get to the other side of the stage. After that, two death sensors will be placed on the stage, and the first person to walk over one of them loses. It's unclear how many rounds are played, but each time it ends, the winning player chooses from a range of new avatars, including your character, a new spectator or a spectator who will play as a minion. It's possible to play with bots, and the other player is another user's game, which is great because you can enjoy watching the matches while playing yourself. Each player has their own board, which acts like the stage, and you can move around the board in any direction you want. Players can also swap their board for other ones, and there are also two spaces in the center of the board. As long as the other player doesn't get over the space in the center, they'll be able to control both avatars. You can change from the first-person to a third-person view, and the camera can also be used to pick up items and turn around to check out the rest of the map. You can also send messages to the other player and chat in the chat room, and the game can be controlled with a keyboard or the mouse. The game was only announced for mobile devices, and it supports both Android and iOS, but no pricing info was shared. Until now, I can only play against someone else, but I've been testing out a few matches, and it seems fun. [via Gamasutra]Nonclinical in vitro studies of oral dosage forms: the use of agar overlay diffusion tests as a screening model for predicting drug bioavailability. An agar overlay diffusion model was evaluated for predicting the in vivo bio



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Brawl Buster Is Now Open Beta

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