What's the hops?

News // Posted 02.07.19 @ 1:14pm

Prairie Pounder Penhold Pilsner Release

We take pride in the ingredients that go into creating our craft beer, and so do the farmers and maltsters who grow and make the malt we use in our beer.

The malt in this Pilsner is sourced locally.  Grown in Penhold, Alberta, at Red Shed Malting, where this family fun business has been growing malt barley since 1929.  The Malt is fresh, sustainable, and traceable, right down to the field where is was grown.

It’s a refreshing Alberta Pilsner, good enough to pound!

Aroma :Mild grass and a bready smell

Flavour :Moderate bitterness with earthy and bready malt notes, Light, crisp, clean, sweet, subtle hop character.

Prairie Pounder


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