About our kegs

Are you having a party? We have a great ice breaker! You can purchase Alley Kat beer in 20L kegs. Along with the rental of a keg we provide you with a party pump to help make your party as stress free and fun as possible.

**Please note, we no longer rent 50L kegs directly from the brewery**

20L Kegs - $119.00


Available from the brewery in the following brews:

  • Aprikat
  • Buena Vista
  • Full Moon
  • Main Squeeze
  • Scona Gold

We also require a $150 'just in case' security deposit. Bring the keg back, get your deposit back!

50L Kegs


Available by special order from your favourite liquor store:

  • Aprikat
  • Buena Vista
  • Full Moon
  • Main Squeeze
  • Scona Gold

About our Growlers

Alley Kat is now filling Growlers! What’s a Growler you ask? A Growler is a 1.89L (64 oz) re-fillable bottle for draft beer. Have a Growler? We’ll fill it for you. Need a Growler? We have our very own Alley Kat Growlers for sale at the brewery.

Are 4 pints just too much? We are now carrying .95L (32 oz) Howlers as well. Purchase your own Alley Kat howler for $5.00 and fill it with a Core Brand for $8.00 or a Specialty fill for $9.00.

Enjoy the delicious taste of draft beer at home, without all that cumbersome Kegerator equipment.

Growler Prices

Holds 1.89l (64oz)

  • Growlers - $6.00
  • Core Brand Fill - $13.00
  • Dragon & Big Bottle Fills - $16.00

Keg Rental

To rent a keg, please fill in the form below! For a keg of our Seasonal Brew, choose 'Special Brew' and clarify which of our current special brews you'd like in the details section below.

To rent more than 1 keg, please contact the brewery.

  • mm/dd/yyyy (MON-FRI)
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