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Spent Grains 

After we extract the flavour and sugar out of our mash, we are left with what we call SPENT GRAIN. The spent grain still has lots of nutritional value left, including: fibre, protein, and a little bit of sugar.

A local farmer, Four Whistle Farms, picks up our spent grain to feed to his animals, primarily his cows. This allows a part of our process to be completely sustainable, requiring no waste .


It is very water intensive to make beer, so we use best practices to strive to limit our water usage.


According to the Brewer's Association guidelines, the range for water use is 2.5L water per 1L of beer in a very large brewing plants, all the way up into the 20-40L water per 1L beer in very small breweries.

We sit right around 4.5L of water per 1L of beer, which is better than average of our size of brewery.


Our handy dandy co-founder, Neil, used spare wood to make our new taproom tables for you to come and enjoy your pints on. 

Cardboard is used to ship a lot of goods to us as well as ship our beer to customers. We recycle ALL of our cardboard and paper, as well as any plastic/stretch wrap. We aim to divert as much waste as possible.

You can help by returning Alley Kat cans and bottles to your local bottle depot.

You can also recycle our Kat Pack cartons and Olde Deuteronomy bottle caps too!

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