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Originally a seasonal beer, RazzyKat was a fan-favourite! So much so that we had to not only bring it back, but also keep it around more permanently. 

Natural raspberry puree gives our refreshing wheat beer the perfect sweet and sour raspberry flavour, aroma, and bright pink hue! The original RazzyKat recipe is older than Alley Kat itself and we've been around furr-ever! We brought this back to celebrate our 25th anniversary and decided to keep it around because you Kats just can't get enough!

5% abv


12 OG

Wheat Icon.png

Two Row Barley

Wheat Malt

Light Crystal Malt

Flaked Oats

Taste Icon.png

Sweet and

sour raspberry

Aroma Icon.png

Sweet raspberry

Although this brew is new to our core lineup it's not new to the Alley Kat Brewery. RazzyKat has been a brewed on and off since the 90's, we've made small changes to the original recipe to create the RazzyKat Raspberry Sour you now know and love.

Did you know you can get RazzyKat overseas? That's right! RazzyKat won in a blind taste test and is now for sale in Sweden!


Want to include RazzyKat on your shelves/ and or on tap? 

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