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News // Posted 03.05.18 @ 11:12am

Bottles vs. Cans

In the past few years we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of canned craft beer.  Just in the last four years the increase in the use of the can in the craft beer context has increased almost five-fold.  In May, 2013, 285 craft brewers were canning 956 beers covering 80 styles, according to this article written by beer writer Tom Acitelli.  This volume accounted for less than 1% of the craft beer market in the US.  A more recent set of statistics compares bottles to cans in terms of volume and canning has increased to 4% of the total volume.  This is significant.  Craft canning is on the rise.  Craft brewers are increasingly preferring to package their products in cans.  Craft beer drinkers seem to be shifting their preferences to cans, but the reasons why are unclear.  Is it because cans are a better package?  More convenient?  Less expensive?  Better for the environment?

Our friends at Boxing Rock Brewing wrote a wicked article reasoning why bottles are in fact more environmentally sustainable during the rise of craft cans.

Read more here.

Bottles vs Cans and Why We Don’t Fill Cans

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