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Here at Alley Kat we are always experimenting with new styles, techniques and ingredients. 2013's Summer Squeeze was one such experiment that our loyal fans just could not get enough of. So we've taken our Summer Squeeze and made it our Main Squeeze by adding it to our core line up of beers.



Like Alley Kat’s Aprikat, Main Squeeze is based on a North American style wheat ale. This means it’s a 50% wheat 50% barley mix to ferment with our house ale yeast.

*May contain sediment

Food Pairing

Are you kidding? Main squeeze goes fantastic with burgers and fries. We mean it. You should be on a patio, sitting in the sun with a burger and main squeeze by your side. If you can’t be there, you should be thinking about why not.

Alcohol By Volume
Original Gravity

Taste Chart

Sweet Hearty Bitter Crisp

Main Squeeze Availability

6 Pack 341ml Bottles

1.89L Growler

20L Kegs

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