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Aprikat is based on North American style wheat ales. A great wheat ale stands out with a brilliantly clear and crisp taste. For Aprikat, we add a natural apricot extract to produce a nice (but not over-sweet) taste with a fresh aroma and big fruity finish.



Aprikat is brewed with 50% malted wheat and fermented with our house ale yeast. Aprikat has a medium carbonation that gives a light, crisp straw-coloured pour.


Food Pairing

A favourite for cooking, Aprikat  is especially perfect for Jennifer Cockrall-King’s Apricot Beer Waffles recipe. Maybe add a fruity syrup too if you’re feeling plucky. Aprikat also plays nice with pumpkin in a comforting dish from Fairmont Hotel Macdonald’s Executive Chef, Patrick Turcot: Roasted Pumpkin and Aprikat Bisque with Farm Fresh Sour Cream and Toasted Pine Nuts.

Alcohol By Volume
Original Gravity

Taste Chart

Sweet Hearty Bitter Crisp

Aprikat Availability

6 Pack 341ml Bottles

1.89L Growler

20L Kegs

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