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Events // Happening 11.28.18 @ 6:30pm

Beer & Cheese Pairing


We’re doing it again, and it’s better than the last. We’re hosting another 2 nights of Beer and Cheese Tastings!!

We teamed up again with Winding Road Artisan Cheese, from Smokey Lake, Alberta, and are paring 6 different Alley Kat beers, with 6 different styles of delicious award winning cheeses together.

Your ticket price includes cost of beer, cheese, cheese pairing accessories, and take home material.

At the end of the evening, there will be order forms for customers to fill out if they wish to order some of the Winding Road Artisan Cheese that will be featured that evening. Alley Kat beers will also be availbel for purchase at the end of the evening.

For tickets for to https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/beer-cheese-pairing-alley-kat-brewing-tickets-52683004284


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