Originally created as a Brewers' Choice beer by our Head Brewer, Dale, this Red IPA is full of hop flavour without being too bitter. You'll taste earthy flavours like pine, along with citrus fruit, and aromas of light caramel malt. This balanced Red IPA is a great addition to your winter beer collection. The Calm Unity can features art from local artist, Glen ronald.

5.6% abv

58 IBU

14 OG

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Galaxy, Simcoe

Maris Otter, CaraRed, Victory, C120, Carafa II Special

Citrus, resin, caramel, toast

Pine, citrus, light caramel malt




Glen is an artist to his core. As a kid, he was always drawing. He got an honours degree in microbiology and went to art school and began painting more. Then he got a teaching degree and did steel working and teaching overseas. All the while painting and showing in galleries at home and in Thailand. Always laying down chaos and pulling out the order within. Currently Glen owns and works from Spark Centre in Sherwood Park.


Glen paints in mixed media from 10-foot acrylic and resin pieces down to smaller designed products. He does commissions, painting parties, and live painting. Glen’s vision is to get everyone thinking deeper about where we come from and why we do what they do. His goal is to do this through art.


Glen’s art has so much deeply embedded that it reflects a variety of aesthetics: quirky, goth, pop, wildlife. Even people who “don’t like art” get drawn into his complex yet accessible images. He has been dubbed “The Chaos Whisperer” as his style drains endlessly from chaotic paint pours and randomly generated textures.



This Witbier is the brainchild of one of our brewers, Morgan. Morgan’s got his finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving culinary industry, so it’s no surprise that Morgan’s brew strays off the traditional path. Timut peppercorns, grains of paradise, and some punchy citrus flavours accompany a unique Witbier yeast to give this bad boy some added pizzazz. The result is a delicious, refreshing Witbier, perfect for lounging while out in the sun.

This BAB can features the work of Sofia Capettini, for more of her work visit her website: 

4.7% abv

15 IBU

12.2 OG

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Pilsen, Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats

Herbal citrus, sweet maltiness, light bitterness

Orange, coriander, floral, malty sweetness


Every three months, our brewing team gets to showcase their skills and creativity in whatever weird and wonderful way strikes their mood (... and we can attest, they are all both weird AND wonderful!)


The brewers will get and idea and we'll start working on a small "test batch", which is about 20L or so. We'll taste it, adjust, and brew it again and again until we are happy with the beer. These one-off brews are what make up our Back Alley Brew series! They're limited releases but the sky's the limit for this series! 


To give you a bit of an idea: we brewed a Wee Heavy Braggot dubbed "Crossing Streams" with mead from Fallen Timber Meadery, "Dale’s Coffee Pale Ale" made with locally roasted coffee, "Ocean Pearl" Gose with tons of fresh cucumbers and sea salt,  and "Old Jakes' Dark Saison" made with French Saison Yeast)! ... All we're saying is that they're wacky, wonderful, and you gotta try them before they're gone!


Want to include our Back Alley Brew Series on your shelves/ and or on tap?