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The Kats Deliver!


We realize that many of our loyal customers aren’t able to leave their homes because of COVID-19, so we want to bring the beer to you!


Our delivery process prioritizes the health and safety of our customers and staff and follows all procedures recommended by the relevant health authorities.


Simply read the instructions below, call the brewery, and place your order.

We cannot wait to bring the beer to you!

Monday - Friday

Within Edmonton


We deliver within Edmonton Monday to Friday. Orders placed by 2pm will be delivered the same day. Orders placed after 2pm will be delivered the following day (orders placed after 2pm Friday will be delivered the following Monday).


Orders of $50 or more qualify for free delivery. Orders under $50 will be subject to a $5 delivery fee.



  • Call Alley Kat at 780-436-8922 to place your order.

  • We will only accept credit card over the phone. We cannot accept any payment in person.

  • When you call, please have your credit card handy. We will also need your name, address, and phone number.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to order/receive beer.

  • The person who places the order must be available to receive the order.

  • The Kats will ensure your order is sanitized before being packed up. Our drivers will arrive with your order and check your ID through the AGLC approved contact-free method:

    • When our driver arrives, you will be asked to hold your identification out so the driver can review both the front and the back of the identification. You may also place your identification on a flat surface, back away to allow our driver to view the identification, turn the identification over and lay it on the flat surface again for our driver to view the other side.

    • We may request a second piece of identification if our driver is unable to verify that you are not a minor from your primary identification.

    • If our driver cannot verify the age and identity of the person receiving the order, we will refuse the sale and you will receive a full refund.

  • Once your identity and age are confirmed, you will receive your beer.


Aprikat Apricot Ale - 6x355ml bottles $15.75 | 20L keg NOW $105.50

Buena Vista Brown Ale -  6x355ml bottles $15.75 | 20L keg NOW $102.50

Fish Bone New England IPA - 6x355ml bottles $15.75 | 20L keg NOW $110.00

Full Moon Pale Ale - 6x355ml bottles $15.75 | 20L keg NOW $102.50

Lost Mitten Blueberry Sour - 6x355ml bottles $15.75 | 20L keg NOW $112.40

Main Squeeze Grapefruit Ale - 6x355ml bottles $15.75 | 20L keg NOW $105.50

Scona Gold Kölsch - 6x355ml bottles $15.75 | 20L keg NOW $102.50

African Queen Dragon Double IPA - 4x473ml cans $16 | 20L keg NOW $112.50

Kat Pack Variety Pack - 12x355ml cans $30

Bob’s Your Dunkel Munich Dunkel - 650ml bottle $7.50

Old Deuteronomy 2017 Barley Wine - 330ml bottle $9.25

Old Deuteronomy 2018 Barley Wine - 330ml bottle $8.25

Core Range Growler Fills - 64 oz $13.50 + $4.00 glassware if needed*

Speciality Growler Fills - 64 oz $16.50 + $4.00 glassware if needed*




All of our 20L Kegs are at wholesale prices! Now's your time! We have a kegerator program! Read below or simply call and ask!


Who doesn't love beer on tap? If you have an Alley Kat growler, we'll fill new glassware and swap out the old one. If you need a growler, we will take a $4 deposit for the glassware, which will be refunded when you decide to return your Alley Kat growler... or you can keep it forever and keep filling it with our delicious beer!

Hey Kats! If you cannot get through your keg in one week, we have a Kegerator Program! We'll take a $150 deposit on the keg itself and you can "rent" your keg for as long as you need! When you need a new keg, we can roll over the deposit, or if you return the keg, we will return your deposit.




Not sure what to get? Check out the "About Our Beer" page!




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