The Brewery

Our Micro-Brewery is  the 4th oldest brewery in Alberta, with a current capacity of 18,000 hectoliters (5.1 million bottles) annually. Each brew is done as a small batch so we can keep a close eye on a brew’s quality. Wherever possible Alley Kat works with local products and local suppliers.

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Business hours:
Mon: 10AM - 5PM
Tue/Wed: 10AM - 6PM
Thu/Fri: 10AM - 7PM
Now open Saturdays 10AM - 5PM

Brewery Tours:
Tue-Fri | 12:30PM, 2:30PM, 4:30PM
Saturday 12:00PM, 2:00PM

Located just off 99th and 60th Ave


Our Team

We're working to raise the bar of Craft Beer in Alberta!

Alley Kat is a team of people passionate about beer. It’s what we have in common. Beer isn’t a widget and it shouldn’t be made in a factory. We believe the best beers come from the hands of people who care about their craft, who understand the subtleties of ingredients, and who want to make each batch the best it can be.

Neil Herbst

Hop Father/Co-owner

Lavonne Herbst


Kent Kirkland

General Manager

Chase Gordon

Production Manager

Julie Turley

Sales Manager

Lacey-Jay Cropley

Marketing Manager

Shannon Smid

Accounting Manager

Alyson Herbst

Marketing Coordinator

Mike Devlin

Southern Alberta Sales

Amber Revell

On-Premise Sales Representative

Lachlan Fredrickson

Sales Representative

Wynn Smith

Retail Sales Rep

Amanda Kamps

Accounting Clerk

Jennifer Henry

Receptionist/Retail Sales Rep

Dale Stirling

Head Brewer

Jim Buccino


Steven Scott

Bottling Line Operator

Kevin Ryan


Todd Baynham


Kurt Johnson


Craig Ryan

General Labourer




2018 Alberta Small Brewing Awards

Fruit Beer|Gold|Main Squeeze

Fruit Beer|Gold|Argyll Dragon

Brewery of the Year|Silver

Pale Ale|Silver|Full Moon

Patio Beer|Bronze|Scona Gold

Fruit Beer|Bronze|Aprikat



Recycled Grain

All of our spent grains are recycled by being used as cattle feed.


Saving Water

We like reusing: excess hot water from our brewing process is captured and re-used. All of our excess plastics and cardboard are recycled.


Preservative Free

Alley Kat beers are naturally brewed without using any stabilizers or preservatives and are not pasteurized.


We use recycled glass bottles. Our bottles are part of a brewers’ bottle pool and are reused up to 20 times before they are crushed and made into other products.

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