A row of Amber Brown Ale at the Alley Kat Beer Store.


Here’s one more reason to live in Alberta! The craft brews from Alley Kat Brewing Company can be found in over a third of all liquor stores in the province.

Alley Kat is available for purchase in most liquor stores in Calgary and Edmonton as well as many other smaller communities in the northern and southern parts of the province.

Click here to view the liquor store listing for Edmonton and here for draught accounts
in Edmonton.

For our southern neighbors in Calgary and the surrounding area click here for a list of retailers, bars and resteraunts

Alley Kat ships all of our products to Connect Logisitics, a central warehouse for the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC). If you discover that your favorite liquor store is not carrying the Alley Kat product(s) you are looking for, please notify the store’s management and they are able to place an order through Connect Logistics or call us at the brewery
(1-780-436-8922) or email us at sales@alleykatbeer.com