Big Bottle Series

Geek Facts:

6 1/2 Bears Oatmeal Export Stout

Original Gravity: 16° Plato

Alcohol by Volume: 6.5%

Hops: Golding

Bitterness: 41 IBUs

Dragon Series

Geek Facts:

Bearded Dragon Imperial Red IPA

Original Gravity: 19° Plato

Alcohol By Volume: 8.0%

Hops: Golding, Centennial, Simcoe, Columbus

Bitterness: 46 IBUs


Limited Run Brews

To keep things interesting and to continually offer our customers something unique, Alley Kat offers two rotating series of limited run brews; our Big Bottle Series and our Dragon Double IPA series. Alley Kat takes great pleasure in creating distinct, small-run beers. Check out where to buy and where to enjoy to find our Big Bottle and Dragon Series near you. For a list of previous seasonal offerings, click here.


Alley Kat's Big Bottle Series

As a way of celebrating great tasting beer, Alley Kat's own Big Bottle series is a toast to all brewmasters and lovers of ale, alike. Cheers, and drink up!

Current Big Bottle:
6 1/2 Bears Oatmeal Export Stout
Release Date: February 27th, 2014

We're reviving our Three Bears Oatmeal Stout and kicking it up a notch. Black in colour with a full bodied roasted malt taste and an increase in alcohol 6 1⁄2 Bears Oatmeal Export Stout is the perfect beer to keep you warm for the last stretch of winter. With a nice cream coloured head and a silky smooth finish, everyone will be asking for more...

The Big Bottle series, of 650mL bottles, is a limited edition so scoop it up fast before it's gone. Look for us in liquor stores across Alberta or get it fresh off the line right in the Alley Kat store.


Alley Kat's Dragon Series

Alley Kat brews their Double IPA Dragon Series for hop fans. A new single hopped Double IPA will be released every two months using a different hop variety and sold under a different color of dragon.

Current Dragon: Murasaki Dragon                                                                                      Release date: January 30th                                                                
Hop Variety: Sorachi Ace

For our next Dragon DIPA Alley Kat has Chosen Sorachi Ace hops to give this dragon a lemon and herbal kick you won't soon forget. Brewed in limited quantities so get yours before it flies away.