A handful of hop pellets before they’re added to the kettle.


From grains to golden brew, we take pride in the craft brewing process. An Alley Kat Tour is the best way to see how it’s done but in lieu of the guided tour, here are the “Coles Notes”:

Our brewery has the capacity to ferment 8,300 hectolitres annually, or the equivalent of 2.4 million bottles. We brew small batches of each of our beers which allows us to monitor each batch so that the end product is always true to the style of the beer and as flavorful as possible. Alley Kat beers are naturally brewed without using any stabilizers or preservatives and are not pasteurized. The result is a fresh tasting beer of exceptional quality that excites the palate.

Alley Kat beers are available in six packs of 341 ml bottles as well as 20 L and 50 L kegs.

Check out our flickr photostream to see pictures of the brewing process.