Owner and founder Neil Herbst at Alley Kat’s tasting bar.


An earnest passion for craft brewing is what motivates the Alley Kat team. Eager experimenters, beer history buffs and unrepentant brewing geeks, they all have one thing in common – a desire to introduce beer lovers to beers that are definitive examples of their art.



The Hop Father

Neil Herbst                                                           Lavonne Herbst

Fave AK Brew: The one in his hand                    Fave AK Brew: Full Moon

Sales Team


Off Premise Sales                                               Sales and Marketing Manager

Matt Slingsby                                                       Charlene Langridge

Fave AK Brew: Fresh Hop Full Moon                  Fave AK Brew: Main Squeeze Grapefruit Ale


On Premise Sales                                            Southern Alberta Sales

Jenessa MacInnis                                                  Annita McLean

Fave AK Brew: Full Moon                                      Fave AK Brew: Jade Dragon & Charlie Flint



Matt Willerton                                                    Zane Piercey

Fave AK Brew: The Avenue Whyte IPA            Fave AK Brew: Charlie Flint

Production Team


Brian Westcott                                                    Chase Gordon

Production Manager                                            Fave AK Brew: Olde Deuteronomy

Fave AK Brew: Loves them all equally

  Adam Campbell

  Fave AK Brew: Collabrewation Porter


       Kurtis Jensen

       Fave AK Brew: Full Moon


                Patrick Gaudet

                Fave AK Brew: Pumpkin Pie

Using the best quality local ingredients Alley Kat beers are brewed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Alley Kat is a craft brewery that produces outstandingly flavorful, fresh-tasting beer of exceptional quality.