Visit the Alley Kat Beer Store to pick up six packs or kegs of any of our brews.


Our very own Alley Kat Growlers.



Get your next 6-pack of Alley Kat straight from the source! Our beer store is as fully stocked as it gets.

Try before you buy! When you are at the Beer Store you can try samples of any of our brands including our current special.

Alley Kat is now filling Growlers!

What's a Growler you ask? a Growler is a 1.89L (64 Oz.) Re-fillable bottle for draft beer. Have a Growler? we'll fill it for you. Need a Growler? We have our very own Alley Kat Growlers for sale at the brewery. Enjoy the delicious taste of draft beer at home, without all that cumbersome Kegerator equipment.

Growlers - $5.00

Core Brand Fill - $11.00

Dragon & Big Bottle Fills - $14.00

Having a party? We also have:

  • 20L kegs (35 20oz pints) of Amber Brown Ale, Aprikat Apricot, Full Moon pale ale, Scona Gold Kölsch, and Main Squeeze Grapefruit Ale- $95
  • 50L kegs(88 20oz pints) of Amber Brown Ale, Aprikat, Scona Gold Kölsch, Full Moon Pale Ale, and Main Squeeze Grapefruit Ale- $205

*Along with the purchase of a keg, we ask for a $150 security deposit, just in case*

We provide you with, pumps or jockey boxes, all to help make your party stress free and fun as possible.

Please call the brewery at 1-780-436-8922 to for any questions or to book your keg.