Food Pairing:

A favourite for cooking, Aprikat heads to the kitchen for Jennifer Cockrall-King’s Apricot Beer Waffles recipe. And pumpkin meets Aprikat again in a comforting dish from Fairmont Hotel Macdonald’s Executive Chef, Patrick Turcot: Roasted Pumpkin and Aprikat Bisque with Farm Fresh Sour Cream and Toasted Pine Nuts. This light “cooler” is perfect with lighter foods, curried dishes and fruit plates.

Geek Fact:


Original Gravity: 12.0º Plato
Alcohol by Volume: 5.0%
Hops: Cluster
Bitterness: 12 IBU



Try our spin on the traditional wheat ale. Alley Kat has managed to turn this wheat ale into a fruity delight with natural apricot extracts.




Aprikat, is an apricot flavored beer with a filtered wheat ale base -a North American twist on the traditional German style wheat ales. Alley Kat’s style of wheat ale is brewed with 50% wheat, but fermented with our regular ale yeast. The result is a light, crisp ale with the fresh aroma and flavour of apricots substituted for the bananna and clove accents of a German wheat beer.

Aprikat’s subtle apricot aroma contrasts nicely with it’s big fruity mouthfeel. The beer pours a nice straw colour and its medium carbonation keeps it light and refreshing, perfect for a hot day on the patio or as an after dinner drink.

Available in:

6 Packs of 341ml Bottles

20L kegs

50L Kegs